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Customer Tips

Water Leaks
If you have a water leak, and your water bill is three times as high as your average bill, PWD allows one leak adjustment per year for each customer. There are several ways to determine if you have a small leak on your property. The easiest way to check for leaks is to turn off all fixtures in the house or building and watch the meter for 5 to 10 minutes and determine if water continues to go through the meter. Most meters have a small red or black triangle on the dial called a flow-finder that will move even with the smallest leak.

Tips to Protect Your Family From Backflow Contamination

  • Install a screw-on vacuum breaker on each outdoor faucet on home or building. These devices are inexpensive and can be found at most home improvement centers and will help protect your family from backflow contamination through garden hoses.
  • Never leave hoses submerged in swimming pools or open containers such as garden sprayers, buckets, drums, etc.
  • Never connect a well system to house plumbing that is connected to the District's system.
  • Install a dual check valve between your domestic water line and irrigation system if the two systems are inter-connected.

Lock Day
PWD has Lock Day four times a month for past due accounts based on a customer’s billing cycle. A meter is locked for non-payment once the second bill is past due. At this time, if the customer has not paid the past due amount of the oldest bill by 8:30 am on Lock Day, the account is locked off and a $70.00 service charge is added to the balance. The current amount due and any charges must be paid to reactivate the account. The balance on the water bill, including the $80 fee and a $35 cut-off fee, will be due the following day by 10am, or the account will be turned off again. We encourage all customers to pay all bills promptly to avoid any of these unnecessary fees. Tampering with a meter, such as cutting a lock is a criminal offense and the customer will be held liable for such an action.

Payment Options
PWD customers have several options when paying their bills. Payments can be made at our office during regular office hours, or dropped in the mail. We also have a night drop for afterhours payments. For your convenience PWD customers can now pay their bills online or by phone using MasterCard, Visa or Discover. To pay by phone please dial 864-269-5440, option 5, and follow the instructions. To pay online log on to and select the “Pay Bill Online” icon located on the home page. The system will then prompt you through the payment process. We also offer bank draft and credit card draft. These are great automatic payment options for our customers. Payments will be processed by the due date to avoid all penalties for late payments. The bank draft and credit card draft authorization forms are under the Forms tab on our website or can be picked up at our office at 1719 Circle Road. Bill statements will be mailed each month to show the amount to be drafted and the date of the draft. The District provides these convenient payment options at no charge to the customer.

Multiple Houses on a Meter is a No-No
More than one house on a single residential water meter is not permitted. This is expressly stated in the Service Agreement that each customer signs when establishing an account. If you have multiple houses on your meter, notify us so that we can help resolve this matter.

Water Pressure Issues
District customers new to the area need to understand how the hilly terrain in our service area affects the pressure that you receive at your tap. Pressure changes significantly, with change in elevation, and the District cannot control terrain. If your tap is on a hilltop, your neighbor in the valley may experience much higher pressure than you. Area plumbers, involved in new construction, should be asked about water pressure before construction begins. For existing buildings, you should have your pressure checked. If you are experiencing pressures that exceed 70 psi, you may experience problems with water using fixtures on your premises. If this is the case, you should contact your local plumber and inquire about a pressure reducing valve. This is a relatively simple device to install on your property and it will regulate the pressure on your tap. Ask for the adjustable type. The cost of installing one may be far less than replacing a large appliance or repairing pipe damage.